Bugs Delay AOL Netscape Beta

AOL says Netscape 8 beta will be available at the end of February. America Online is delaying the release of the first public test version of a new Netscape Web browser until the end of the month so that it can fix some last-minute bugs, the company said today. The beta version of the Netscape 8 browser had been scheduled for public release tomorrow, but that date will slip by a week or two, an AOL spokesman said in a statement sent via e-mail. An early version of the browser that the IDG News Service saw late last month crashed many times under normal use. The new Netscape browser is designed to protect users from scams and malicious code while surfing the Web. One feature, for example, adjusts the browser security settings based on a list of known malicious Web sites to protect users from phishing scams.
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February 17, 2005 10:07 AM | Posted in Mozilla

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I reckon they will be waiting for Firefox 1.0.1 to come out first, with NS8 being based on that.

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