Linuxforum 2005

Attended the LinuxForum 2005 in Copenhagen this weekend. It's the 8'th time the LinuxForum is being held. The focus is Open Source and it's the biggest open source conference in Scandinavia.

I went there on friday and saw a lot of really good technical speeches. The main reason why I went was of course to hear Tristan Nitot. Tristan Nitot is the co-founder and President of Mozilla Europe, an international affiliate of Mozilla Foundation. Tristan spoke about Gutenberg and the guerrilleros

I also had the chance to meet and talk to Tristan.
Tristan Nitot and Henrik Gemal at LinuxForum 2005 in Copenhagen

Another cool talk was Jon Maddog Hall who spoke about The Promise of Free and Open Source Software. He had some really nice one liners.

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