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This tutorial explains how to create a toolbar extension for the Firefox web browser. Please do not think that because this tutorial is lengthy, creating an extension is a difficult task (it's not). The size of this tutorial is due to the fact that I explain every step in detail. In addition, a great deal of material is covered. My intended audience are those who have never written an extension for Firefox. Hopefully you will find this to be a useful resource. Although it took me a while to write, I have enjoyed every bit of the process.
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March 21, 2005 09:21 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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Concerning Linky and adding functions in browsers:
I know that Konqueror, the KDE multi-protocol browser, file manager and general "information accessor" is primarily written in C/C++. Do you think something like this (Linky) could also be developed for Konqueror? I use it on a daily basis and enjoy updating my blog with it. It'd be nice to see such a feature for Konqueror.

Btw - nice job with Linky, my friends who use Firefox love it.

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