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Mozilla and Firefox will compile for AMD64, but Opera has no plans to ever offer a 64-bit binary of their Qt-based proprietary browser. While we had some trouble with Mozilla's long-term stability (over time, it would crash at random), and Firefox crashed left and right, our biggest challenge was in getting the plug-ins to work. The Java Runtime Environment is now available for Linux/AMD64, so we installed that from Portage and made sure that the plug-in was copied to the correct location. Both Mozilla and Firefox would detect it in the about:plugins screen, but only 64-bit Mozilla could use it. The MPlayer plug-in, unmasked manually, would work well in 64-bit Mozilla, but was not detected by 32-bit Firefox. Opera would detect our 32-bit binary Acrobat Reader plug-in, but neither Mozilla nor Firefox would. Flash worked in Opera and 32-bit Firefox, but not 64-bit Mozilla. After days of searching for answers and fiddling with 32-bit binaries and 64-bit compiles of both browsers, we determined that it was necessary to have both a 64-bit Mozilla and a 32-bit Firefox to use all of the usual browser plug-ins with 64-bit Gentoo.
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April 04, 2005 11:59 AM | Posted in Mozilla

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I have been trying to home build (Trunk Allizom) the trunk on my Ubuntu (Debian) amd64, and I have had various problems. (it is not as easy as it sounds)

* Gcc 3.3.x: compiles fine, but the app crashes on startup

* Gcc 3.4.x: compiles and runs

* gcc 4.x: crashes during compile.

The results are *after* pacthing the trunk with the 64bit patches floating around in bugzilla.

Comment by Henrik Lynggaard at April 4, 2005 04:24 PM | Permalink

I use FC3 x86_64, and the 64-bit versions of Firefox/Mozilla. However, since Flash won't work with it, I have switched to the 32-bit version of Firefox just recently.

It's a shame that Flash won't work :(

Comment by Neil Paris at April 4, 2005 10:03 PM | Permalink

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