Mozilla: The Honeymoon is over

When Firefox's Mozilla came onto the scene four months ago it looked like an end to the constant struggle against Microsoft's Internet Explorer security vulnerabilities was finally in sight. The promise was almost too good to be true: a viable alternative that had been designed with a security conscious approach, no pop-ups and none of IE's vulnerabilities. The word from the early adopters was positive: smoother, faster and more secure. Their praise coupled with CERT's recommendation that customers switch browsers away from IE has pushed Mozilla into the mainstream. It has now been downloaded nearly 27 million times and for the first time in three years, IE's market share has fallen below 90%. Mozilla's now as commonplace in City offices as it is with tech-savvy home users. But how is Mozilla faring now that the honeymoon period is over?
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April 12, 2005 03:23 PM | Posted in Mozilla

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not only are there far too many security flaws in my favorite browser lately, but also horrible regressions like the bug in In the new Firefox 1.0.1 (and .2 and .3) install -- the save dialog does not recognize folder shortcuts when saving files!


Site icon Comment by Block Sheep at April 12, 2005 09:25 PM | Permalink

I don't know guys..firefox seems to make some steps down...
It started as a ambitios project but it's far from stable, there are known and horrible bugs that are not fixed or far from fixed (eg. Everybody hates how the autoscroll is implemented, everybody wants customizable toolbars like IE has, that mentioned folder shortcuts bug and I can continue untill morning with this but it's pointless).
The facts are like this: IE didn't had bugs like this when it was launched a few years ago (not even IE 4.0).
IE 7.0 is coming really fast, no major features are planned to Firefox for the next months, IE will have all the features of firefox + tons of extras.
I see a dark future for Firefox and Thunderbird too...and I'm very sorry.
How many will switch ? Allmost all of them...maybe a few developers will stick to Firefox...(my case perhaps)
MS has the advantage of a new and ***VERY*** expected product, the same advantages that Firefox HAD a few months ago..but they will play their cards very good...

Comment by Emil Tamas at April 12, 2005 09:48 PM | Permalink

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