IBM on the hunt for Firefox programmers

In the newest indication that Firefox has become mainstream, IBM is trying to hire programmers to adapt the open-source Web browser to work well with Big Blue's server software. A job ad posted on IBM's Web site said an emerging technologies team in IBM's software group wants programmers for "enhancing the Mozilla Firefox Web browser with new features complimentary to IBM's On Demand middleware stack." An IBM representative on Wednesday said that the ad was for one position in the company's advanced technology group. The individual will make contributions to the Firefox project, the representative said.
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To see the job oppening go here and do a search for "firefox"

Required skills and experience: Software development on the Mozilla Suite and/or Firefox web browser projects. XPCOM and Gecko, C++, HTML, CSS and XML desired. Acceptance as a contributor in mozilla community, published works with experience in any of the following areas is a plus: XForms processor development, Java, Perl, VB, ASP, CGI, XBL, XUL, RDF, JavaScript, SQL, Mozilla XSLT processing engine, web services, web security standards implementation.
Work location: Austin, Texas

April 13, 2005 10:52 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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