What's wrong with Firefox isn't Firefox's fault

Mozilla Firefox is soothing nerves frayed by Microsoft Internet Explorer, thanks to superior search, security, bookmark synchronization and other capabilities, according to IT professionals responding to an informal SearchEnterpriseLinux.com survey. Most of those Firefox users, however, are frustrated that Firefox is locked out of Web sites that are locked in to Microsoft Internet Explorer.
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Compatibility with Firefox browser crucial for web sites, analyst says
As the Mozilla Organization's Firefox web browser surges in popularity - with 44 million downloads since Firefox 1.0 launched last November - web site operators need to assure that their sites are compatible with it, analysts say. Firefox has been winning over users with built-in technology that blocks unsolicited pop-ups, is less susceptible to virus attacks and offers a unique way of navigating multiple sites within a single browser, says Ken Cassar, Nielsen/NetRatings analyst.
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Traffic to Firefox website grows 237 percent
Web analytics firm Nielsen Netratings said the Firefox portion of the Moziall site saw a 237 percent spike in unique visitors to the Web site from nine months ago. While the site had about 795,000 visitors in June 2004, the number jumped to 2,68 million in March of this year.
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But but but why do some people spell Mozilla Firefox like this FireFox? It's spelled Firefox, not FireFox!

April 14, 2005 01:21 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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Naah, it's FoxFire! ;-)

Comment by Anon at April 14, 2005 03:25 PM | Permalink

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