Open-source divorce for Apple's Safari?

Two years after it selected open-source rendering engine KHTML as the basis of its Safari Web browser, Apple Computer has proposed resolving compatibility conflicts by scrapping that code base in favor of its own.
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Before you scream Gecko you should also read Ben, the lead engineer for Mozilla Firefox, entry on the matter. And the press already got carried away and posted this.

Like Boris writes in a comment on Ben's blog:
I should point out that KHTML was chosen over Gecko by Apple to start with _precisely_ because it was a simpler codebase that was cleaner and less of a pain to work with, even though Gecko was more compatible and all that. This wasn't exactly an accident. It was a direct consequence of the difference in approach we see highlighted here.

Slashdot also have an entry about it.

May 13, 2005 08:11 AM | Posted in Mozilla

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