Security firms fight Firefox fire with fire

It's nice to see companies are starting to release products for Mozilla Firefox as well. This will convert even more people to Mozilla Firefox.

Just in time for one of the first serious security flaws to be found in Mozilla's Firefox, two companies, Anonymizer and FraudEliminator, have released new security products for the popular open source Web browser. Anonymizer's Total Privacy Suite is designed to safeguard Firefox users from spyware, keylogger software, and other online snooping programs. The suite integrates three Anonymizer programs -- surfing, anti-spyware, and digital shredding -- into a single product. Although Firefox is a secure browser, users are still extremely vulnerable to ID theft on the Internet without Total Privacy Suite in place," said Lee Itzhaki, director of product management for Anonymizer.
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May 13, 2005 07:38 AM | Posted in Mozilla

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