Face it: There is no safe Web browser

Netscape's turn from wonderful to woeful last week set a new Internet speed record for embarrassment. Hours after the once-proud Web browser's Version 8 upgrade hit the streets, it limped back into the garage for an overhaul. Turns out the new browser had old parts from a rival browser, Firefox, and those parts were faulty. The flaws allowed dishonest types to sneak into computers through online connections and snatch user passwords and other personal information. We've all heard reports of browser security trouble before; they're as frequent as rain clouds over St. Louis in summer. But somewhere close to the problem's description usually are the words "Microsoft" and "Internet Explorer." That's what made the Netscape-Firefox mess-up so significant: This time, Microsoft's once and future rivals for the online market were the ones encountering trouble, not its own quirky Web tool. After all, Netscape and Firefox had pinned their reputations on being more secure than Internet Explorer, the dominant browser since 1998.
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May 27, 2005 11:17 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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So now it's Firefox's fault that Netscape wasn't being up to date? And their screw-up is an "embarassment" for Firefox? :-S

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