Mozilla Firefox bookmarks in for a rewrite

This is great great news! Perhaps I can add a Launchy overlay to the bookmarks after the rewrite. Today it seems impossible due to the mess of the bookmark code.

Sometime in the next few months, I plan to completely redo bookmarks in Firefox. The current bookmark code is an antique, and not a well-cared-for one. The first order of business is to come up with a list of things that we'd like to be able to do with bookmarks, and then to create a data API that can support all these things in a fairly generic fashion. Gone is RDF; it serves no purpose other than template generation (and code obfuscation) in the current code, and the template generation will be handled nicely in the future with Neil's new-world templating.

It seems like the new bookmark code will be using the super cool Unified Storage (mozStorage) which is a database like storage feature that is going to be used in Gecko 1.9 aka Mozilla 2.0.
There's also been talk about moving both the cache and the cookie data into mozStorage.

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From the wiki: Bookmarks Data API and Bookmarks Use Cases

July 06, 2005 08:41 AM | Posted in Mozilla


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Mulig dette er på siden av det du tar for deg ovenfor. Men;

Har lenge letet etter noen som kan gjøre noe med bookmarksene. Det er spesielt to ting jeg og flere med meg savner:

Først og fremst så burde det være mulig å velge flere bookmarks samtidig. Det vil si: om man som meg selv bruker bookmarks toolbar, at man kan til eksempel gå inn i en bookmarks mappe og velge et eller flere bookmarks samtidig (ctrl + click/shift + up/dwn arrow. Slik slipper man den kjedelige og repeterende ruten vær gang man skal inn i en mappe. Som regel så ønsker man jo å åpne flere bookmarks samtidig!?

Og sist men ikke minst: hvorfor i all verden finnes det intet alternativ for å legge til et Keyword til en mappe? Man kan jo se for seg at også dette hadde vært et tidsbesparende element (isteden for å gå inn i en mappe --> inn i en undermappe og deretter velge: open in tabs. Det enkleste nå er velg mappe --> og midle click undermappe.) Et keyword for mapper er dypt savnet.......

Comment by Peaks at July 6, 2005 01:55 PM | Permalink

It would be very nice if the bookmarks supported 'tags'. It would make it a lot easier to categorize the bookmarks and search them afterwards...

Site icon Comment by Ben at July 6, 2005 02:16 PM | Permalink

i tried to post this into Vladimir's Blog, but it didnt work.

The Obvious Way of storing Bookmarks would be an XML with the option of XPath (and maybe XQuery) Queries to get the parts you are interested in. (i havent read yet about Moz's unified Storage, maybe it supports stuff like this)

i'd like to add categories to my bookmarks (instead of just one folder where they are in)
Something like: Bookmark X is of category Y and Z.
Then have the option to sort those Bookmarks by Categories (and maybe make it look like the current folder structure) and so X is in both folders Y and Z.
(and make some of those folders just customiseable XPath Queries to get the Bookmarks sorted in any way a user wants)

Comment by mat at July 6, 2005 07:00 PM | Permalink

I have several features that I would like to suggest, but my top few are:

1.) When CTRL+B (Windows) is pressed, the bookmarks should appear.
1a.) In a regular Moz/Fx window, the sidebar is fine.
1b.) However, in a "small" or "chromeless" window, the "manager" should appear.

Explanation... I have several Bookmarklets (~100) that I use to develop/debug. It really bothers me that in current Fx builds, I can't do this, on a small popup window.

2.) Make editing them easy... a bookmark should be dragable from anywhere, to anywhere on one screen.

3.) Provide an option, when bookmarking a site ("load this bookmark in the sidebar")

4.) From the personal bookmarks toolbar, when right-clicking a bookmark, add the "rename" option. Even if it just opens the "properties" window, it always drives users nuts looking for the rename option.

Comment by Stephen Cunliffe at July 6, 2005 08:18 PM | Permalink

Mozilla2.0 is Gecko 2.0. That will come _after_ Gecko 1.9, and possibly after Gecko 1.10/1.11/etc...

Comment by Boris at July 7, 2005 05:13 AM | Permalink

You mentioned bookmarks, cache, and cookies; does anyone know if there are current plans to fix history.dat?

Comment by Charles Jones [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 7, 2005 08:51 AM | Permalink

is it possible for you to make an extension wich can do the following things:

Open a group of bookmarks with a keyword (very weired that the add keyword function doesnt appear when you right click a folder or a subfolder). This would the tideous –> bookmarks toolbar folder –> choose folder –> choose sub-folder and then at the bottom choosing –> open in tabs. Alternatively like i do –> choose folder –> middle-click subfolder. Smoother would be –> (for example for forum sites) f + enter = opening lets say six forum sites!

And for example when in the bookmarks toolbar folder make it possible to
choose and open more than one bookmark at the same time. sometimes this could be very useful i think. ctrl + click to mark more than one random bookmark and then enter to open. (and offcourse leaving the usual leftclick to open option intact). You should be able to open bookmarks from the bookmarks toolbar folder like you manage files in a file manager like explorer or Total commander etc…This would also be convinient for your RSS-feeds. Its just so boring to repeat the route all the time. With tabbed browsing you almost always have several tabs open at once. One should also be able to holde the folder open and drag bookmarks from the folder to the tab-bar.

It seems that more people than me like this idea, but noone seems to have the know-how to do something about it.


Comment by Bjørn S: Stav at July 8, 2005 08:03 AM | Permalink

Ugh... am I the only one that uses bookmarks.html as the homepage? It's quite convenient, I'd hate to see it disappear entirely if bookmarks are going to be stored somewhere else.

Comment by Charles at July 9, 2005 08:01 AM | Permalink

Then you could just have a XSLT file to style your bookmarks.xml opened as your homepage easily, jeez!

Seriously Mozilla bookmarks should be all like .. tags, rss, and a open database of cool links for everyone.

Comment by Chillbill at July 20, 2005 05:30 AM | Permalink

I join the wish list for tagging, like, annotations, and website description/annotations in the sidebar as soon as the website is loaded.

What once was a bookmark manager may become the information management system that keeps it all together and could become the next generation of Firefox to “rediscover the web”!

For more details please check out my little essay about bookmarks:

Comment by Tdot at October 18, 2005 04:45 AM | Permalink

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