Minimo Support for PPC Devices

Doug has an interesting write up on Minimo support for PPC devices.
We make every effort to produce working builds of Minimo for your Windows CE PPC 2003 device. However, there are some devices that we just can't get to work properly. It may be that I don't have a device like yours to test against. Or it may be that there is some memory map problem which I will describe. The core of the problem is that on this device we run out of address space for some reason. Minimo (including support libraries) today is a bit over 10mb of code, data, text. Each process on Windows CE is allowed 32MB of address space to use. So what gives? My guess is that XIP ROM-based DLLs are laid down breaking up the address space so there isn't a contiguous range where we can load our code.

Doug hopes that bringing the memory usage down in Minimo will not only help Minimo users but also Firefox users:
There are two independent solutions. First we will further reduce the size of Minimo were possible. This will be an ongoing task and one that I hope will benefit not only all minimo users, but also all FireFox users too. I do not expect we will get there over night.

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September 20, 2005 08:55 AM | Posted in Mozilla


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