Checkin of the week

A small collection of some of the most important checkins that has happend during the last week:

Extension manager should use xpinstall crypto hashes
This bug makes it possible for extension developers to add hashes to theirs update.rdf files to protect against mirror network hacks. Basically in your update.rdf file you add a entry like this one <em:updateHash>sha256:3e2fad5911cd757bf8a01f155c3c00db558266d9ed4cb3ba6a59b8d6d3b106b8</em:updateHash>
This is the hash value of the XPI file provide in the update.rdf file. You can specify sha256, md5 and others. Check this patch for more info. More information about this can be found in this and this bug. If you try to update Slashy using the latest nightly build you will be using this feature.

Remove UI for 'Load Images for the originating web site only' pref
Seems like this options confused more people than it helped

September 29, 2005 02:52 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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No Tiger? Snif.


p.s. the tab order of your comment fields is really broken...

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