Flock social web browser version 0.5 has landed

Flock social browserA public release of the Flock social web browser is imminent. It's coming. Are you hyped? Are you even following the breadcrumb trail back to the Flock base? We covered Flock in early September: Flock - Social Formation Browsing. A fitting title for the browser - built atop the solid Mozilla engine - being vigorously coded by Flockr's running on nothing but blue. I was fortunate enough to try the 0.2 release. Since then, a 0.5 release is migrating across the net.
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October 18, 2005 01:16 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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It hasn't landed yet. "Landed" would mean public release... this current state of affairs where a few people have it through some viral marketing setup is more aptly called "still landing".

But I nitpick. :-P

Site icon Comment by David at October 18, 2005 05:33 PM | Permalink

Ping me and I will get you a download. Cheers, Geoffrey at Flock dot com.

Comment by Geoffrey Arone at October 18, 2005 11:43 PM | Permalink

From the user's point of view, I'm willing to bet that within a month after Flock is _publicly released_ there will be extentions made to emulate exactly what Flock does, and then shortly after a skin to emulate Flock's UI. From the web designer's poing of view, why create a new browser with a new rendering engine that you need to cater for and test in when designing a web page? IMO, a new browser to worry about is just not worth what can be emulated with a few Firefox extentions.

If anyone gets a download, tell us what you think!

Comment by Ed Hou at October 20, 2005 02:10 AM | Permalink

i like flock web browser is the best

Site icon Comment by james at December 24, 2009 10:28 AM | Permalink

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