Utility functions for extensions in toolkit

Basically, my plan is to create a set of generic toolkit files to act as wrappers for commonly used functions, in order to facilitate simpler and more future-proof app and extension code.
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This is want I've been requesting for a long long time. Instead of extensions developers create their own functions to load and save prefs, create URLs etc these basic functions will be included in the tookit. The toolkit is a base which both Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird share.

There are some libraries that already provide function like this. Most known is the JSLib. But since JSLib is an extension it's not very practical. JSLib cant be include inside an extension due to namespace clash. I personally gave up on JSLib in my Launchy extension.

So as a Mozilla extension developer I'm looking forward to having these utility functions available.

November 03, 2005 04:26 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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