Nice checkins for the weekend

Once again a couple of nice checkins happened this week. Here I'll mentioned the ones that I find the most interesting:

I like cleanup bugs. The Mozilla code has a lot of areas that needs cleaning up, so I really like developers who take the time to cleanup the code instead of just adding new code.

Faster, faster, faster. Besides cleaning code I also like developers that check in code that simple put: makes Mozilla go faster.
Provide table-driven QI mechanism
This proves a significant codesize win on all platforms. The performance tests I was able to do are a little bit more ambiguous: Linux was a definite win (close to 8% speedup on a contrived looping testcase)

New unseen features are also very nice. This once will make a lot of users really happy. Folder Pane Popup over folders with unseen messages. A screenshot of the feature can be seen here.

Last but not least, making Mozilla more flexible is good. Add a reusable autocomplete result type that doesn't depend on Mork

November 10, 2005 05:51 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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>the Mozilla code has a lot of areas that needs cleaning up

I'm looking to get involved with Mozilla/Gecko development, and I'm big on cleaning up code rather than constantly throwing in new features. Aside from the deCOMtamination work (which I will look into), any recommendations on what areas need clean up or where to find out about them?

Site icon Comment by James Napolitano at November 10, 2005 06:46 PM | Permalink

Hrm... is the folder preview tooltip thing supposed to work on Linux, too? I'm using version 1.6a1 (20051110) and I can't seem to figure out how to make it show a tooltip. :|

Comment by ispiked at November 10, 2005 08:15 PM | Permalink

ispiked: I took a quick look at the patch, and it looks like there is a hidden pref to turn the feature on (I imagine it will get UI eventually). I don't know how to get to about:config in Thunderbird, but you need to change this pref from false to true:


Site icon Comment by Jon Henry at November 11, 2005 02:11 AM | Permalink

There are allready a number of bugs complete with patches addressing codesize and performance, awaiting reviews for a long time.
It seems that reviewers generally like to review new functionality than to review changes/optimizations to current code.

Bug 214672
Further optimization and correctness improvements of libjar: streamlining nsJarInputStream
Bug 247458
Use 'inflateBack' instead of 'inflate' in ZipArchive.cpp (more opt. after 214672)
Bug 313282
In strcstr.c there is an 'obvious improvement' waiting to be performed
Bug 289571
Optimization for nsRecycleAllocator
Bug 230675
nsICacheVisitor.idl can reduced drastically resulting in about 20K codesize savings...
More of these optimization bugs which also need attention:
Bug 58310
consolidate duplicate implementations PRTimeToSeconds() and SecondsFromPR
bug 124695
PR_IntervalNow is slow on Windows
Bug 280508
Merge imgContainerGIF into imgContainer (save code and footprint)
Bug 244940
'loading.gif' is found in many different places: standardise it one location!
Bug 203697
XUL Widgets: *-box is too much, and can be removed...

Comment by Alfred Kayser at November 11, 2005 09:03 AM | Permalink

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