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Got a nice surprise today when I installed the new beta of FastStone Image Viewer which is the image viewer that I use. After installing it, it launched my web browser with this page. It's a "thank you for using FastStone page" but it also features a "you should use Firefox" notice. Way cool to see my favorite image viewer promoting Firefox.

January 02, 2006 07:25 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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Actually, they're making a buck here, I guess. They're linking to the google-toolbar-one-dollar (?) version.

Still, that's what the google promo is for. But I still feel fishy about that page.

Comment by Axel Hecht at January 2, 2006 09:57 PM | Permalink

Axel, I don't feel fishy. Those pages are always used by freeware companies (and I use always very, very loosely) to make a couple bucks. Might as well be taking Google's money and endorsing a good product instead of taking the money and pimping something like Gator or its current equivalent.

Site icon Comment by tim at January 2, 2006 10:12 PM | Permalink

Can't agree more with above comments.

Thanks Henrik for blogging that wonderful piece of software. Hadn't heard of it before, but it is just truly amazing. Does everyghing you want it to, right out of the box. Also, it does things the way you expect it to.

Site icon Comment by David Naylor at January 3, 2006 01:25 AM | Permalink

Mr Gemal,

I will appreciate it if you can give me a couple of websites that can dummy down for me what Mr Tim is saying.

What does he mean when he said freeware websites can use Google instead of Gator to make money?


Please enlighten. Thanks a million.

And thanks for a great website.


Comment by studentguru at March 4, 2006 05:13 PM | Permalink

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