Microsoft Exec Talks IE7, RSS

Following a decision to release a standalone version of IE7, browser development at Microsoft has come fast and furious. BetaNews this week sat down with Gary Schare, Director of IE Product Management, to discuss the changes coming in IE7, Firefox's growth, and how Microsoft will bring RSS to the mainstream. When BetaNews last spoke to Schare in late 2004, he explained why Microsoft had no plans to add features like tabbed browsing directly into Internet Explorer or update its CSS support. After much feedback, things changed in early 2005. With a standalone IE7 now feature-complete, Schare delves into the reasoning and gives us a look at what to expect when the browser is released later this year.
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February 19, 2006 01:44 PM | Posted in Microsoft, Mozilla


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Most important quote: "The nature of the attacks you're seeing on the Internet, along with the nature of just how things have evolved and the worries that our customers have, made it a very easy decision to bring that technology[ie7] to Windows XP for security reasons."

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