Mozilla information - The newsgroups at has loads of it

A lot of people have asked for more information about Mozilla. Both developer information but also information about how the entire Mozilla thing works. Both in terms of products but also with decisions. A lot of interesting stuff and discussions are now happying at the newsgroups at

Some of the interesting stuff found there are amongst other Brett Wilson talking about changes to the URL autocomplete box that he like to make. Ben Goodger also made a lot of postings where he tries to explain where Firefox 2 and even Firefox 3 is going and most importantly why the changes are needed. Here you can get a lot of answers about the whole development of Mozilla Firefox. It's really interesting read.

There's also the mentioning of Microsummaries which are:
Microsummaries are regularly-updated succinct compilations of the most important information on web pages. They are compact enough to fit in the space available to a bookmark label, provide more useful information about pages than static page titles, are regularly updated as new information becomes available, and are linked to the pages they summarize.
Check it out and read more about it

Be sure to read/subscribe to both the general and firefox newsgroups. So head over to the newsgroups and start reading.

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So, which of all the newsgroups will I be able to find these posts?

Maybe you could give us the subjects, so we could just google the groups?

Regardless, thanx for the tip, I'll be looking forward to reading this stuff

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