Product management activities for Firefox 3

Sherman Dickman writes:
Since the product management role is a relatively new one at Mozilla, I thought it would be useful to outline some of the most important functions that a PM should perform, particularly within the context of product planning. Many of these will be conducted in parallel with the Gecko 1.9 engineering planning efforts currently underway. The end PM deliverable for Firefox 3 will be a MRD that can be referenced by all, but the real value for the Mozilla community will be derived from the MRD development process itself.

Some of activities that are listed are:
- Identifying market and technology trends
- Product vision and strategy
- Key feature requirements
- Why should anyone use our product over another product? Do the benefits outweigh the tradeoffs that a user must endure when switching? If yes, why don't more people use our product?
- Which of our technology assets are clearly superior to the competition? How do we keep them from being easily copied or duplicated?

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June 21, 2006 08:04 AM | Posted in Mozilla


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You mention as a goal that Mozilla should try to prevent competition from copying features. I think this is highly ill-advised. Any strenuous effort made in this area (whether via patents or otherwise) may backfire by angering the community.

Site icon Comment by Chris Dolan at June 21, 2006 03:24 PM | Permalink

I agree with Chris, preventing features from being stolen from an open source project is like web "developers" trying to prevent you from stealing their images. It's just not possible and would inevitably lead to alienating your legitimate contributors and only slightly annoying a determined competitor.

Comment by Jared at June 23, 2006 10:39 PM | Permalink

Isn't this role is served by Open Source community contributors? Do you look for a kind of supervisor to manage all this information and summarize it?

Comment by dianash77 at July 18, 2006 09:22 PM | Permalink

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