NSpluginwrapper: A cross-architecture browser plugin tool

NSpluginwrapper is a cross-architecture tool designed to let Firefox users on AMD64 and PowerPC Linux use i386-only, binary Web browser plugins - such as those frequently provided by closed source, commercial interests. Following a protracted delay after its initial, binary-only release back in May, NSpluginwrapper is now available with source code. NSpluginwrapper works with plugins conforming to the Netscape 4 Plugin Application Programming Interface (NPAPI). As its name implies, NPAPI was initially developed in the pre-Mozilla days at Netscape, but today it lives on both in Mozilla-derived browsers such as Firefox, and in a number of independent applications, such as the Opera browser and KDE's Konqueror. NPAPI specifies about 15 data structures and 20 methods that the plugin must expose to the browser, and 16 methods that the browser must expose to the plugin.
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July 07, 2006 11:50 AM | Posted in Mozilla


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