January 2007 Entries

The Venice Project and IE8

Not that The Venice Project is about to use IE8 or something.... :)

Exclusive: Inside The Venice Project, Built On Mozilla
The Venice Project1 is not just another online video start-up. The Luxembourg-based company is the latest co-production of the two-person hit factory of Niklas Zennstrom2 and Janus Friis3. The founders of Kazaa and Skype4 are hoping that The Venice Project will upend the television experience just as their earlier efforts turned the music and phone businesses on their respective heads.
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Firefox 3 Plans and IE8 Speculation - Browsers Heading Apart Again
Also in the works is Microsoft's IE8. According to ActiveWin.com, a Microsoft official at CES told them that work has already begun for IE 8 and it may be released as a final product "within 18-24 months". IE8 will apparently "compete even more directly with Firefox". Looking ahead, it's obvious that IE will continue to hook into the advanced functionality that Vista offers.
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