My new mobile phone is a Sony Ericsson P990i

Sony Ericsson P990iMy Sony Ericsson K700i mobile phone was dying. The internal joystick wasn't working anymore. This is one of the most common problems on these phones. Furthermore the phone sometimes rebooted when receiving a call. A nice feature if you don't want to talk to the one that's calling but not very nice in general.

So I borrowed a HP iPAQ hw6515 Mobile Messenger Pocket PC Phone. My first impression was: a nice phone with a lot of features. It had build in GPS and a full QWERT keyboard. But the more I used the phone the more I disliked it. First of all it was slow as hell. Switching from PDA mode into phone mode, when the phone rang, could take up to 5 seconds. That's a long time waiting for to be able to pick up the phone. The GPS was a bit slow on getting the initial satellite connection, but that could be due to the lack of SiFR chip. Otherwise the GPS was actually ok. I was running TomTom Navigator 6. Battery lifetime was also very short. Had to recharge the phone everyday. A feature I really missed was a build in radio. All in all not a very good phone. Windows is bad enough and Windows in phone is even worse.

After looking through the marked I decided the my new phone should be a Sony Ericsson P990i. It's a 3G phone packed with cool features. It has Wireless LAN support. So when I'm at home I connect it to my Linksys WRT54G using WPA2. It also has a radio built in, so I can listen to my favorite station, DR P1. I bought a 2GB Memory Stick PRO Duo so that I can download my favorite podcasts and listen to them when I go to Århus. I use Nimiq to download my podcasts. The user interface of the phone is UIQ 3 and it's has Symbian OS v9.1 as operating system. See more specs on the phone.

All in all a nice phone. You have to get used to the user interface, since it's very different than ordinary phones. And remember to update the phone firmware using Sony Ericsson Update Service.

March 14, 2007 01:18 PM | Posted in Personal


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