New network drive

Since I bought my 320GB external harddrive I've missed a couple of features. Don't get me wrong. The 320GB Western Digital MyBook Premium is a cool product and it has worked perfectly. But since I have a laptop and a docking station, the external harddrive was attached to my docking station. That meant that when I was sitting in the living room with my laptop, I had no access to my external harddrive, because it was attached to the docking station in the office. So I started looking around for a new solution. And a network attached storage (NAS) seemed to fit my requirements.

So now I'm the happy owner of a Buffalo LinkStation Pro. It's a 320GB network attached storage drive. It has build in FTP server and is using a SATA drive. The drive is now attached to my router and it has worked perfectly. I've mapped the drives from my Windows PC and can now access the drives from anywhere.

So what happened to my other 320GB drive? I sold it to a colleague.

March 14, 2007 07:57 AM | Posted in Personal


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