My mobile phones

Inspired by the list that Jan made I've tried to list all the mobile phones that I've used.

I started with the Nokia 3210, which is actually the only mobile phone that I bought myself. All the others have been payed by my employee.

Then I moved to one of the best phones I ever had. The Nokia 7110. The so called Matrix phone, since a modified version of it was featured in the Matrix movie.

At the same time I had the Nokia 7110 I also was playing around testing WAP with the Ericsson R320s phone. It was one of the first business phones on the marked and the one I've got was a prototype and of cause it didn't work very well.

Then I got the Nokia 7650 that had a camera. Actually it was the first Nokia phone with a camera.

When that broke I once again move to Sony Ericsson. This time with the K700i. Along with that I also had a T630 but I never really used that. Handed it off to my wife.

Then I got my current phone, Sony Ericsson P990i.

Now I'm also testing a Nokia E65 and HTC S710. Both phones miss a critical feature for me, a FM radio. I use the radio a lot when traveling so that is a key feature in my mobile phone.

Best phone conclussion: The Nokia 7110. It was a really cool phone at the time.

July 16, 2007 02:53 PM | Posted in Personal


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