Migrating to Google Apps

I'm currently in the process of moving all my mail to Google Apps. I've been running my IMAP mail for most of my domains on a company server and it has been great. The server is administrated by Henrik Schack and I cant think of a better admin. But now that Google Gmail offers IMAP I think it's time to make the move. The move will give me easier control over mail aliases and mailing lists. Now I don't have to bother Schack to make changes.

I have around 10 domains which I use mail on. Some of them are purely mail forwards and some of the them have mailing lists. With the move to Google Apps it's also easier to offer real mail accounts to the family members that I administrate mail for.

The migration itself went pretty smoothly. I used the command line program imapsync to sync all of my mail to Google Gmail. Then I just add the new account to Mozilla Thunderbird and I'm up and running.

I administrate all the DNS information for my domains at GratisDNS. The interface is really really nerdy, but it works. I've create a Google Apps template in GratisDNS, so that I easily can move all the migrated domains to be using this templates.

November 02, 2007 10:49 PM | Posted in Interesting


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