Nokia N95 updated to latest firmware

Last week I updated my Nokia N95 to the latest firmware. I'm now running version You can check the firmware version on your Nokia phone by entering *#0000# when you're in the main window.

You can always check what firmware version is available by going to the Nokia Device Software Update page, where you enter your product code. The code is printed on the white label beneath the battery.

Remember to check the official changelog for the version.

This update also gave me a chance to cleanup my installed programs. I had loads of installed programs which I never used. Now I only installed the programs that I actually use.

These are:
- Mail for Exchange. I can't live without this one. It's a push mail client for Microsoft Exchange. This way I don't have to sync to get my mails and calendar entries. It's done automatically and it's always 100% up to date.
- Windows Live. I use the Messenger client for IM. I dont use the Hotmail functionality
- Nokia Maps. I installed Denmark and Sweden as maps so that I don't have to download them over GPRS. The maps are used by the built-in GPS.
- Nokia PC suite. This one is mainly installed on the PC to be available to connect the phone to the PC.
- Nokia PC Phone. It's a beta software that gives you a possibility to use your mobile phone with your web browser. Both Internet Explorer and Firefox is supported. I use it for sending SMS from within my browser.
- Sports Tracker. A GPS based activity tracker that records information such as your speed, distance and time. Perfect when you want to know exactly how many km/miles you have run.
- Location Tracker. This one is new, so I'm not sure how much I'm gonna use it. It automatically tag your location data to your pictures. Perhaps I'll use it on a boys night out. The day after I can see where I've been.

I've tried a lot of other programs but these are the ones that I ended up with. Yes perhaps it's nice to have a weather application installed, but seriously how much do you use it. For me, never.

February 05, 2008 01:03 PM | Posted in Interesting


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