Free porn with Firefox

This is the actual headline from the largest online newspapers Ekstra Bladet in Denmark. See the full article here.

The online newspaper Ekstra Bladet had a poll about the Mozilla usage. 57% answered that they used Mozilla Firefox. The true Firefox usage at is much lower. The statistics shows that only 10% of the visitors are using Firefox. Denmark is Microsoft country.

But back to the free porn. One of the comments in the poll was that Firefox is much better at surfing porn. "I use Firefox as a backup browser and for surfing porn. This way I dont get busted". I think he (or she) must refer to the built-in privacy cleaner that Firefox has.

Other users are commenting about the popup blocker and the ability to remove banner ads. "This makes pages load faster and it's nice to get rid of Flash movies when my mouse cursor moves across the page."

March 11, 2008 08:50 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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