April 2008 Entries

Completed the Gmail migration

gemal.dk gmail logoI have now completed my mail migrating to Google Apps. The only domain left, since my first cut, was the my main domain, gemal.dk. This was special since it had the most aliases on it and it also had users on it. So I had to migrate those mailbox too and coordinated the migration.

First I logged into GratisDNS, which hosts the DNS information for my domains. Here I changed the MX records so that they pointed to Google Apps.

Before this I of course had created the necessary mailing lists and users in my Google Apps.

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Then I started to copy all my mail to Google Apps. For this I used the latest version of imapsync. The complete command was:

imapsync --host1 m00.opasia.dk --user1 gemal --passfile1 pass1 --host2 imap.gmail.com --user2 henrik@gemal.dk --passfile2 pass2 --noauthmd5 --ssl2 --syncinternaldates

This took around 2 hours. Yes I have a lot of mails. But then I was ready to go.

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