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After many months of coding, my largest project until now, is now online. is the new place to check out if you want to test just how much information your browser leaks when visiting a website. Check it out!

Did you know that websites can detect which fonts you have installed? And also see you internal IP address? Even if you're behind a firewall and router? And see what .NET frameworks you have installed?

Please visit!

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Intercept HTTP traffic from Firefox extensions

Up till now it hasn't been possible for Firefox extensions to intercept HTTP traffic.

But with the landing of a fix in bug 430155 - new nsHttpChannel interface to allow examination of HTTP data before it is passed to the channel's creator. it's now possible.

The fix is gonna be in Firefox 3.1 and perhaps also in Firefox 3.0.3.

A new version of Firebug that uses this new feature is also in the making.

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Firefox can become Google Chrome

Due to the power of extensibility in Mozilla Firefox, it's relatively easy for Firefox to clone most of Google Chrome features. Actually most of the cool feature of Google Chrome is already in Mozilla Firefox.

So check out the article on how to:
Enable Chrome's Best Features in Firefox

Also check out the speed test between Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer:
Beta Browser Speed Tests: Which Is Fastest?

There's also a comparison between Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 8
Lab test: Google Chrome vs. Internet Explorer 8

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DHL stafet 2008

Notice: This entry is only available in Danish.

Igen i år gennemførte jeg DHL stafet i Fælledparken. Og i år fik jeg min hidtil bedste tid, nemlig 22:22. Det er 8 sekunder bedre end min tid i 2003.

Jeg havde min Nokia N95 med Sports Tracker med rundt, men uden GPS tændt. Du kan se min tid på Nokia Sports Tracker websitet.

Mine kilometer tider var som følger: 4:37, 4:03, 4:23, 4:41 og der er lidt bedre end i 2005.

Vores hold fik en samlet tid på 02:06:32, hvilket svarer til en gennemsnitstid på 25 min.

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