March 2009 Entries

Open Source software in the public sector

Last Thursday the "Videnscenter for Software" held a conference on "Open Source software in the public sector." And Mozilla was represented at the conference.

I've heard about the conference and learned that you could ask for a free pass for the conference. Instead of only getting the free pass, I also got the opportunity for Mozilla to have a booth at the conference.

So Mozilla shared a booth with Ubuntu and I organized to get some merchandise from Mozilla Europe (big thanx!), so we got both posters, badges etc.

I also had my laptop running some Mozilla Firefox promotion videos, which is so much better than just normal slides. The videos I used are the ones from Hopefully there's gonna be more of these videos.

Henrik Gemal and Hansen, Mozilla Evengelists

We, Hansen from Mozilla Denmark, and I, attracted a lot of attention. Most people already knew Mozilla Firefox and a lot of them actually ran it at home.

At the conference we also meet up with Christian Sejersen from Mobile Firefox. He brought along a Nokia N810 device with the latest Fennec beta on it. Walking around showing the mobile version of Mozilla Firefox also attracted a lot of interest.

By the way. Now I'm also an official part of Mozilla Denmark. A couple of years ago, I thought I was Mozilla Denmark :)

The Mozilla Firefox marked share in Denmark is very low. Denmark is Microsoft territory. So perhaps events like this can be a way to change that.

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