India flag India. The most different country I've ever experienced. Everything and I mean everything is so different. But it was also my best experience of life.

India has everything. From the beautiful deserts of Rajasthan, the impressive Taj Mahal in Agra, to the magnificent top of the world the Himalayas. From a 7 year old small girl with a even smaller child on her arm begging for one Rupee, to fat India men driving around in BMW's or Ferrari's almost throwing around with jewelry and loads of money.

The Elevator God

The elevator god The old guy greeting you on the picture is the very famous Sai Baba. Well I called him the elevator god, because his picture is in all elevators in India. Actually he's also pictured in all cars, buses and other places where his protection is needed.

In India all the worlds' religions are represented. Most of the population (80%) is practicing Hinduism. Here you find gods like Vishnu, Shiva, Krishna, Ganesh, and many more. Ganesh (he has a head like an elephant) was the good that supposedly drank milk in front of millions of people. My company shut down that day, to go a watch the miracle. I didn't see any milk drinking, even though I watched the statue very carefully. Perhaps you'll see what you want to see?


Elephant There are loads of animals in India. From rats in the streets to elephants and tigers. Never saw a tiger though, but an elephant. When I was in the south of India, we visited a big reservation with all kinds of animals, including this sweet little elephant.

Thumps Down!

Thumps Up Because Coca-Cola was not allowed to enter the India marked early on, Coke bought the Indian brand Thumps Up, which supposedly was very close to the real thing. But this is the worst impostor to a Coke. This has absolutely nothing to do with a Coke. I should know I'm a Coke'o'holic. I pray 2 times a day towards Atlanta (headquarters of Coca Cola if you're confused!)

Coca Cola has now entered the Indian marked with the real thing, but is way behind Pepsi in popularity. Can you imagine?


Carrier At first I thought that it said Gods Carrier and not Goods Carrier on all the trucks. Well.. you never know because Indian truck drivers must believe in reincarnation, the way they drive!

Most of the trucks are all in really bad shape. They drive down the mountains like crazy, using their headlights to blind everybody, their horns to scare everybody and hoping to survive. Along the highways you see a lot of accidents.

Hindi movies

Rangeela India is the biggest movie producing country in the world. Larger than Hollywood. Mumbai has it's own Bollywood.

The biggest Hindi success movie while I was in India, was the Rangeela, which means colorful. Both the movie and the soundtrack became a mayor hit. The movie is probably still showing.

Masala Movies

Video The main thing in a Hindi movie is the singing. Everybody should go and see one real Hindi movie or masala movies as they are called. More than one is hard to survive. The theme in all the movies is love. And a love so sweet, cheap and fake that you never ever seen anything like it. The movies are a fun mixture of this sweet, sweet love, dancing, singing and fighting. There are never any real problems in them, like poverty, etc. Perhaps just a chance to dream away from the daily misery.

Electrical Installations

Electricity On the picture you can see a normal electrical installation. Hmm.. that wouldn't be accepted in Denmark!

The installation you see on the picture is the installation for our water heater in our bathroom. Sometimes you wondered weather you where going to survive the next shower too.

But after a while you get used to things like this, and treat them as just another experience of being in a country like India.

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