Validaty is a Mozilla extension that provides you with One Click Validation functionality. Validate a page with a click of a button. The validation is done without opening a new page or tab. You can access it by adding a button to your toolbar.

Icons used by Validaty

Validaty Validaty is ready to validate. You need to customize your toolbar to get the Validaty icon onto your toolbar.

Validaty valid The page is valid.

Validaty not valid The page is NOT valid.

Validaty error Some kind of error happened. Please see the Error Console for more information.

Get Validaty

Install latest version of Validaty

Tested and works in: Mozilla Firefox, Netscape 8, Flock.

Consider donating

Donate some moneyThis utility is being developed in my spare time, which I dont have much of so if you like to encourage me doing more development, please consider donating some money.

Version history

Version 1.1.0 released! [24 May 2006] Version 1.0.0 released! [24 May 2006]


You can view the source for Validaty online or get it with the following commands:

cvs -d login
cvs -d co validaty

The password is guest

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