Here you can get some more information about the creator of all the nonsense! is the brainchild of me, Henrik Gemal. I'm from Copenhagen, Denmark and currently taking my master at Copenhagen Business School in Computer Science and Business Administration.

Besides going to school I'm working fulltime for TDC, which is the largest ISP in Denmark. Here I'm doing the core services like Mail, Photo and Usenet. You can check my current business card here.


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Computer Skills

  • Perl, TCL, Apache, Unix, Windows, CSS, JavaScript, HTML, XHTML, WML, XUL, InterMail
  • Developing and testing user interfaces
  • contributor. Bugzilla status here
  • Bla bla bla bla bla

The Gemal name

A lot of people ask me about my surname Gemal. Is it foreign or mean something special? Well... it's not foreign. It's an old Danish name and has been for a long time. We traced it back to around 1650.

This doesn't mean that a lot of people are named Gemal in Denmark. I think there are only around 5-10 people in Denmark. In the US and Brazil there quite a lot of people with the name.

In Arabic the name gemal means beauty. If it applies to me, it's up to you to decide! It also means dromedary camel and camels (plural of camel). That does not apply to me!

In Danish the name gemal means spouse/partner/wife/husband.

This is the road sign that is located in the town of Kirkeby in Denmark.
Gemal Road Sign

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