May 2003 Entries

Linky version 1.7.0 released!

Linky version 1.7.0 has been released! Linky 1.7.0 has Mozilla Firebird improvements and better installation.

What's new?
- Mozilla Firebird options support
- Preferences use cleanup
- Better installation. Will detect old version of Linky and offer install into the same folder
- Optional validation support. Hidden preference "extensions.linky.developer" has to be true for menuitem to appear
- Sorting options in Select Links dialog. Right-click on the links and a context menu appears
- Translators wanted. If you would like to translate Linky into something else than English and Danish you're more than welcome to contact me

Install Linky version 1.7.0

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The end of 24?

24 timerJust seen the last episode of 24. Hmm... will this serie never end?

Can't revieal anything more since most Danes haven't seen all 24 episodes!

- FOX Broadcasting Company: 24
- BBC - Drama - 24
- 24 TIMER - Hvert sekund tæller

Discuss 24

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The Road To Gold

So how do you test, debug, and hopefully fix what you find when you are developing a new server software? Part Three in the series about Windows Server 2003 is on the net.

Windows Server 2003 The Road To Gold
- Part One: The Early Years
- Part Two: Developing Windows
- Part Three: Testing Windows

PDF BTW: There's also a new version (6.0) of Adobe Reader out!

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Jazilla Milestone 1 has been released. Jazilla is a Java implementation of Mozilla.

As written on
Jazilla logoThe Jazilla project aims to rewrite Mozilla in Java. It started shortly after the release of the Netscape Communicator 5.0 source code in 1998 but development petered out in 2000.
It was revived by Mathew McBride last year has been completely rewritten to follow a more Mozilla-like architecture (Jazilla Classic was closer to the old Netscape Communicator).

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Dont know what to do in your weekend?

Well, what about getting of 100% free office suite that has the same features as Microsoft Office and a lot more!

I've been running for almost 1 year now and never encountered a Microsoft Office document that couldn't open. I love it. Now I dont even have Microsoft Office installed anymore.

Get 1.1 Beta2 here: 1.1 Beta2

Get the latest development version here:
OpenOffice 644_m11

Reads: 1.1 Beta2 Hits the Web Flash introduction
Is Search Privacy an Issue?

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Bugzilla Stats

Some Bugzilla stats are now available. And I like it! I'm number one!

I've reported 2.493 bugs and my bug/karma is 0.96 whatever that means.

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Netscape 4.x support

Just for the fun of it I've tried to make it so that Netscape 4.x users can also see my site. It's not 100% usable but if you use an old Netscape 4.x browser you can now see and browse the entire site using the old old old browser. Netscape 4 has a long time ago been replaced by Netscape 7.

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Title attributes

Most of my links now features title attributes. Hold your mouse over a link and you can see the title of the linked page. This is done via a PERL script that parses all my files before I copy them from my development site to my production site.

The perl script extracts all links using the HTML::TokeParser module. It then fetched the links with the LWP::UserAgent module.

The links on the blog pages are currently not title parsed. But try this page.

The site also features a cool image link on all external links. External links means links that are not refering to This is done entirely via CSS. You can check out the file and the search for link.gif to see how it's done! CSS rocks!

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Yes I've been watching a couple of movies:

Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Really cool movie about the game show impressario Chuck Barris, which perhaps also have been a CIA hitman.
on on on on off

Siu lam juk kau (aka "Shaolin Soccer")
Funny movie about an ex-soccer player who gathers a team of shaolin kung fu students to lean to play soccer.
on on on off off

Two Weeks Notice
A lawyer decides that she's used to much like a nanny by her boss, so she walks out on him.
on on off off off

Also seen an old movie K-PAX about a patient at a mental hospital who claims to be from a far away planet.
on on on off off
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Pictures on Nokia 7650

Can you take decent pictures with a Nokia 7650? You'll be the judge!

Check out my 7650 pictures!

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Linky version 1.6.0 released

Linky version 1.6.0 has been released. It has some small improvements and features Danish (da-DK) locale support.

Linky is a very simple Mozilla extension that adds usefull links and images options to the context menu. Like open all links in new tabs, etc.

What's new:

  • Danish (da-DK) locale support
  • Configurable image file types. Defaults to "jpg|jpeg|gif|png|bmp". Currently no GUI for this pref.
  • Wording cleanup
  • Linky now also works in Mail. Right-click in the body of a message and Linky is there!
  • Much better "Find text links" support
  • Tried to do Mozilla Firebird settings support but gave up. Dont really see a way to have one pref panel file that works in both Mozilla and Mozilla Firebird since the pref windows differ.
  • More robust open tab function
  • Even more configurable install script. Now handles locales. Everybody can use the install.js script in their Mozilla Extensions.
  • New pref names. Now uses "extensions.". The old pref "linky.showopen" is now called "extensions.linky.showopen".

Get Linky here

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What Array Class Do I Use?

Now there's even more good Mozilla developer information. The array documentation including almost-complete documentation for nsIArray and nsCOMArray has been updated.
Guide to array classes in Mozilla

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Gecko now at 32%

The lastest Gecko Browser Statistics for is showing that the Gecko Percentage is now at 32% for April 2003.

You can view the Gecko stats at your own website by using the script here.

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BrowserSpy PR

BrowserSpy is mentioned in the latest SpywareInfo Newsletter.

It's also mentioned in section 8 Be conscious of Web security. of EFF's Top 12 Ways to Protect Your Online Privacy

And a lot of other places. So be sure to also link to BrowserSpy from you page. You can use the following HTML:
<a href="">BrowserSpy - Privacy to the ultimate test</a>

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