September 2003 Entries

What a week

Safri DuoSaw Safri Duo in a VIP concert the day before their 3.0 album was relased. It was a small concert in Parkhus 11. A realy cool concert. These guys have soo much energy.
Earlier this week I saw Kaizers Orchestra in Vega. What a concert! These guys rock!
Yesterday we went and saw Ægte Jyder at Nørrebros Teater, again for free... You know, connections. It's a really good play. It's based on Marie Jones play "Stones in his Pockets".

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Learning obstacles in XPFE/layout

Nigel McFarlane presents us with:
A solid view of some of the obstacles that newbies face in layout/XPFE when learning Mozilla technology
Read the entire posting!

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Mozilla Profile Backup

Mozilla Backup is a utility for creating backup of Mozilla profiles. It allows you to backup mail, favorites, contacts, etc. It works under Windows 98 or higher.
Read more and download

Currently only Mozilla Suite is supported. Future plans is to add support for Netscape 6 & 7, Mozilla Firebird and Mozilla Thunderbird.

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How downloads work

Christian Biesinger writes:
Some time ago, I've drawn a diagram for myself, describing how downloads work... I now decided to draw it in dia, and made it available online. This describes the basic process that happens when Mozilla encounters files it cannot handle. (This is not the code for "Save link target as", etc) It's not very detailed, but it should give an overview.
- as PNG
- as DIA

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Interface Design Notes

The ongoing deCOMtamination work means we are reformatting many interfaces. The following guidelines may be useful to help create efficient, easy-to-use interfaces.
Read the article

September 21, 2003 10:14 PM | Permalink | 0 Comments | 0 TrackBacks 1.1 RC5 1.1 RC5 is out. Currently the website hasn't been updated yet.
- Download
- Docs

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Build Mozilla with VC++ .NET 2003

Doron writes:
The latest VC++ from Microsoft, 2003 edition, doesn't build mozilla out of the box. Hixie posted some patches in bugzilla, and I finally got the trunk to build with it.
Read the entire posting or get the patches.

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Bumping mingw build requirements

Christopher Seawood writes:
Due to the changes in bug 219327 & bug 203292, w32api 2.4 and windres 2.14.90 (from binutils 2.14.90) will be required to build using gcc on win32.

You can get the tools from

If you plan to build Mozilla yourself you should read Build Mozilla Thunderbird and/or Mozilla Firebird on Microsoft Windows.

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Cleaning up layout

L. David Baron, master of the layout engine in Mozilla, writes:

Here are a bunch of related things that I'd like to fix in Layout:
Line breaking
Implement the UAX #14 algorithm for line breaking
Storing the results of line breaking and text measurement
Each text frame ought to store an array of
the possible break points in it, and the measurement to reach each one.
Refactoring reflow
I want to split Reflow() into GetMinWidth(), GetPrefWidth(), and
Dirty bits
Our current system for meeting the above requirements is quite
Frame construction
Something along the lines of CSS3's 'display-role' and 'display-model'

Read the whole posting

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Billet til Kaizers Orchestra

Notice: This entry is only available in Danish.

Kaizers OrchestraJeg har en billet i overskud til Kaizers Orchestra i morgen fredag 19 september i Vega kl 21.00.

Normal pris kr. 150,-
Du får den for kr. 100,-

Koncerten er udsolgt!

Send en mail på spam at gemal prik dk eller brug min feedback form.

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Optimize your website

Some cool links to optimize your site:
PNGCrush is an open source optimizer for PNG. It reduces the size of the PNG IDAT datastream by trying various compression levels and PNG filter methods without compromising quality.

Web Page Analyzer
Web Page Analyzer calculates page size, composition, and download time for your site. The script calculates the size of individual elements and finds the total for each type of web page component. Based on these page characteristics the script then offers advice on how to improve page display time.

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StarOffice 7 Office Suite

StarOffice 7 Office Suite Released
StarOffice 7 Office Suite is the world's leading office productivity suite on Linux and the Solaris OS, and the leading alternative office suite on Windows. StarOffice 7 software adds functionality to enable export to PDF, and to the Macromedia Flash format. It also includes the new StarOffice Configuration Manager, a macro recorder, and support for assistive technologies, as well as for complex text layouts.
What's new PDF

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Native Widgets and Stuff

People frequently ask why Mozilla implements its own widget set rather than just using the widget set available on whatever platform it's running on. This document is an attempt to explain why.
Read the article (site seems down so I link to Google cached version)

Komodo Breathes New Fire into IDE
ActiveState Komodo is the professional integrated development environment (IDE) for open source languages, providing a powerful workspace for editing, debugging and testing your applications. Komodo supports Perl, PHP, Python, Tcl, XSLT, and numerous other languages, and runs on Linux and Microsoft Windows.
Read the article about Komodo.

- Edit and modify currently loaded stylesheets
- Mozilla, mozilla, mozilla!

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Mozilla for Windows has IP6 support

The Internet Protocol Version 6 Mozilla bug 175340 has been fixed. This means that Mozilla on Windows now supports IPv6.
If you're on Windows 2000/XP/2003 you can activate IPv6 by opening a command prompt and type ipv6 install. Remove it by typing ipv6 uninstall.

To get IPv6 working you need to install the Advanced Networking Pack

Read more about the IPv6 support on Windows at Microsoft site.

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Wife won airline tickets

Today was my wife's lucky day! She was at a sneak release party at Café Ziggys in Copenhagen for the new Aretha Franklin CD "So damn happy". And there was a lottery draw and she and a friend of hers won airlines tickes to New York and tickets to go to the Aretha Franklin concert in Radio City Music Hall. And all of this on 9/11.
Anyways ... lucky her!

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nsDnsService rewrite lands

The rewrite of the DNS service has landed! Great work Darin Fisher and others.
There are some really interesting stuff to read in the bug report.

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New installer for coming

Currently the installation of the suite is done by running the setup application, which provides a cross platform graphical user interface that wizards the user through all phases of the setup rocess. To make a well behaved citizen on your harddisk we want the systems native installer to become the default way to install, modify, or uninstall on your computer. Just like any other package you install. These could be Microsoft Installer (MSI) on Windows platforms, RedHat Package Manager (RPM) packages on Linux and Solaris Packages (PKG) on Solaris.
Read the entire posting.

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Checkins, checkins and more checkins

The trunk is now open for 1.6 development and the checkins just keep coming. A couple of really really nice ones:
- Paste without Formatting
- Add reload to View Page Source
- Search in subscribe should only begin after user stops typing
- nsEventListenerManager::HandleEvent cleanup
- GIF decoder cleanup
- All the checkins the last 24 hours

Isn't it nice to use a browser that just keeps on getting improved? Internet Explorer is a nice browser too, but there hasn't been any real development for the last year or so. Only security fixes!
With Mozilla you get improvements all the time. Now we just need to tell the "normal" user that.

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Mozilla Preferences Reference Manual

This manual is a reference for advanced users and system administrators who wish to customize Mozilla by editing the preferences files directly. This manual lists and describes all preferences available in Mozilla 1.4 suite.
Read the manual.

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TDC Totaltræf

Notice: This entry is only available in Danish.

TDCDenne weekend var jeg til kæmpe TDC fest i Århus. En stor del af havnen i Århus var blevet spærret af og omdannet til en mindre festival plads. Danmarks største firmalogo blev det også til. Vi var ca. 6.500 til festen!

Fadøl i lange baner, 400m fiskebuffet (ca 4˝ tons fisk) samt en lejet færge (Mette Mols). Alt i alt helt kanon!

Mange kunstnere underholdte bla Jan Gintberg, Søs Fenger, Jimmi Jørgensen, Trine Dyrholm, Henning Stærk, Peter Belli, Marie Montell, Zididada, Søren Poppe, Peter Frödin, Sanne Salomonsen.

Søren Poppe havde skrevet en TDC sang. Hør en teaser.

Der var sørme også lavet et par Chris Og Telefonfabrikken:
- hør nr 1
- hør nr 2
- hør nr 3

- Se de officielle billeder.
- Flere billeder hos Mahler

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Adobe SVG Viewer and Mozilla

The new Adobe SVG Viewer version 6.0 pre-alpha (Build 38363) seems to work fine with Mozilla. At least the SVG images in BrowserSpy are shown.

The installer doesn't find mozilla, so you need to copy over the NPSVG6.DLL and NPSVG6.ZIP files from C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\SVG Viewer 6.0\Plugins\ to your Mozilla plug-in directory.

We should add autodetect of the Adobe SVG Viewer plug-in to Mozilla like we have with the Java plug-in. The relevant bug is bug 145263.

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Sun Java 1.4.2 and Mozilla and Mozilla Firebird

The integration of Java in Mozilla could be greatly improved. I upgraded to version 1.4.2_01 of the Sun Java JRE. After doing so, I just couldn't get Java working. I tried evrything. Uninstall. Reinstall. Cleanup. Everything. Nothing showed up at the Java page on BrowserSpy.
All that Mozilla told me was that I needed the Java plug-in. Weird since the Java plug-in showed up at both about plug-ins and the plug-in page at BrowserSpy. It could be nice if Mozilla could inform me a little better about the actual problem. Not even NSPR logging of the plug-in module told me anything new.

But I finally found the solution on one of MozillaZine's forums:
You have to apply the following registry patch:


Or you can just click here to download the registry fix.

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Mozilla Firebird Build Instructions for Windows

Nilson Cain writes:
Building Mozilla is not a trivial task. There are many ways to build and also many ways to fail. The following page entails the method that I have developed for building Mozilla. Read the tutorial.

The tutorial should be read after following the steps mentioned in my own article
Build Mozilla Thunderbird and/or Mozilla Firebird on Microsoft Windows

The official document on Building Mozilla on the Microsoft Windows platform is not very good. It's a shame. Sometimes too much time is put into the Mozilla code and too little into documentation and PR.

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For those interested in you can now join the dicussions in newsgroups. In the past the only way used to be mailing lists. I hate mailing lists. I love newsgroups.
The news server is called and you can see all the available newsgroups. RC4 is out!
Download for Linux, Solaris or Windows.

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Compile Mozilla with GCC 3.4

Bug 218551 (Mozilla does not compile with GCC 3.4 cvs build) has now been fixed. Loads of files has been changed and Mozilla will now compile using GCC version 3.4.

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Java page updated

I've updated the Java page at BrowserSpy. It now includes a Java information applet both using a simple applet tag and a object/embed tag. So if you're running Internet Explorer and has Sun Java installed both Java's will be shown.

Better detection of Mozilla Firebird has also been added to the Basic page.

What is BrowserSpy?
BrowserSpy is a collection of online tests that shows you what a website like mine, can collect of information about you. Privacy to the ultimate test!

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Linky in Mozilla Links newsletter

Linky is features as the first link in the first edition of the Mozilla Links newsletter.

It's listed under the BETTER MOZILLA section:
Linky will increase your power to handle links. It will let you open or download all or selected links, image links and even web addresses found in the text in separate or different tabs or windows. You will just need to right click any link or web address, select the Linky menu item and choose the desired action. You can even specify what option you want to see available in the Linky menu through its preferences. You can get this a very small download (about 30KB) and learn more about it here:

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Notice: This entry is only available in Danish.

DHLJeg løb DHL-Stafet i går. Gennemførte de 5 km på 22:30, hvilket er en ok tid. Jeg løb selvfølgeligt for TDC.

DHL-Stafetten er det store 5x5 km stafetløb i Fælledparken, med over 40.000 løbere, fordelt over tre dage. Deltagerne er en blanding af firmahold, sportsklubber, grupper og privatpersoner. Mange firmaer har gennem årene benyttet DHL-Stafetten som rammen om et hyggeligt og grønt firma-arrangement for ansatte og deres familie.

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Really remove Netmeeting

I wanted to remove NetMeeting from my Windows XP machine. So I found this command that should do the trick:
%systemroot%\system32\rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection NetMtg.Remove 132 msnetmtg.inf

BUT whenever I ran that command all the Netmeetings files were deleted but suddenly reappeared after a few seconds. Damn annoying! It's due to the Windows File Protection feature.

So to really remove Netmeeting from your system do this:
1. Compare the Netmeeting directory with the %systemroot%\ServicePackFiles\i386\ directory and delete the duplicate files in the %systemroot%\ServicePackFiles\i386\ directory.
2. Do this same with the %systemroot%\system32\dllcache\ directory.
3. Now there should't be any backup Netmeeting files for the Windows File Protection feature to restore from.
4. Now do Start -> Run -> %systemroot%\system32\rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection NetMtg.Remove 132 msnetmtg.inf and Netmeeting is gone.
5. When the Windows File Protection alert pops up press Cancel and then Ok to avoid the Netmeeting files being copied from the Windows XP CD.

Remember it's always a good idea to run a registry cleanup after an uninstall. I love the jv16 PowerTools.

I still haven't found a way to remove the empty microsoft frontpage, MSN Gaming Zone and xerox directories.

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Mozilla's New Focus: The End User

Mozilla in the news:
The Mozilla Foundation this week launched a beta of the latest version of its open-source browser and applications suite, the first release since the project separated from America Online Inc.'s Netscape Communications subsidiary. "The 1.5 timeframe will be a significant marker for us not so much in the improvements from 1.4 but in the general approach, packaging and how we approach our releases and the customer," Mozilla President Mitchell Baker said.
Read the entire article Mozilla's New Focus: The End User, an open-source group that supports the continuing development of the Mozilla browser, released its Version 1.5 beta on Wednesday with a host of new features, including a built-in e-mail spell checker, improvements in its ChatZilla, Internet Relay Chat client, and increased performance, stability, standards support and Web compatibility, according to the group. Both browsers (Mozilla and Opera continue to lag far behind Microsoft Internet Explorer in popularity, though they apparently have core groups of devoted users.
Read the entire article Opera, Mozilla update their Web browsers

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Spam mails in August

Spam mails
Just a little statistics about the amount of spam mails being detected at The graph shows how many mails was identified as spam by SpamAssassin.

I'm using SpamAssassin on my domain and it's really good. SpamAssassin is a server side mail filter to identify spam.

The increase in spam mails must be due to Blaster.

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Mozilla Evangelism

Mozilla If you care about a free and open web which is not controlled by a few, then get involved with Mozilla Tech Evangelism and help make the web safe for standards-based browsers such as Mozilla and the other browsers based upon Gecko.

- Buttons, banners, etc
- Main project page
- Mozilla Firebird/Thunderbird Logos. They are SO cool!

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MozillaZine 5 years

MozillazineMozillaZine is 5 years! September 1st 1998-2003.

Mozilla Links Newsletter
If you haven't already signed up for the Mozilla Links Newsletter then do it now!
Subscribe by sending a blank email to with 'subscribe' in the subject line. Issue one will be sent out on Tuesday 2nd September.

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