W32/Mydoom@MM hit

Lots of SPAMMy domain has been seriously hit by the W32/Mydoom@MM worm. I was not infected but just hit by massive amout of mails.

I've got more than 550.000 mails in 7 days! In the end my machine died. Now I changed the MX record to a larger setup and it should not happen again.

There's nothing really you can do about these sort of attacks. They function much like a DoS (Denial of Service) attack. The infected machines starts sending large numbers of mails to mailaccounts. Most of these mailaccounts dont exists but the mailserver still has to recieve the mail and reject it. And in the end the machine gets overloaded.

Mozilla Mail really helped me since it could detect 99.9% of the mails that got through my server side anti spam filter and move it to my spam folder. But having more than 100.000 mails in a folder can make your mail client really really slow. Outlook Express gave up and Mozilla was so so slow loading my spam folder with around 100.000 mails in it.

February 06, 2004 04:49 PM | Posted in Site info


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Så har du måske misset min 'Tillykke med fødselsdagen - godt på vej mod de 40'-mail. Velkommen hjem, vi glæder os til at ses :-)

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