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Prefetch tool in BrowserSpy and more Gecko statistics

I'm converted some of my BrowserSpy tools from using Perl to PHP. But converting from Perl to PHP isn't always easy. Perl has the wonderful thing called CPAN. Perl Archive Network">CPAN is the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, a large collection of Perl software and documentation. So if you need a module to do something there's a big chance that there's a module on Perl Archive Network">CPAN that can do just that. This way your Perl program is more or less just syntax around calls to functions inside Perl Archive Network">CPAN module. Perl Archive Network">CPAN is huge. Perl Archive Network">CPAN currently has around 8.000 modules.

PHP has something similar. It's called PEAR. PEAR is the PHP Extension and Application Repository. PEAR is a framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components. Currently PEAR isn't as large as Perl Archive Network">CPAN. There's currently 400 modules in PEAR. This means that you have to write more code yourself. Hopefully PEAR will grow to become the size of Perl Archive Network">CPAN.

Prefetch check
I''ve added a new tool to the BrowserSpy collection. The prefecth tool checks if your browser supports the prefetch mechanism. Check your browser. Read more about link prefetching.

Gecko Statistics
I've updated my Gecko Statistics for to include statistics for February and March. And in March there's a all time high. 68% of all hits are made by Gecko based browser. Of those 68% 78% are Firefox hist and 13% Mozilla Suite hits. 90% of the Gecko hits are from a Windows platform.

April 14, 2005 12:58 PM | Permalink | 0 Comments | 0 TrackBacks crash

Sometime during the night of Friday 8 October, the disk RAID in the server crashed. The crash damaged both disks in the RAID. The server went down, the lights went out and the site went offline.

I knew that there wasn't any backup running the the server. This was an big crisis. But I've managed to find some old backup files and have been working hard and late to get back online.

The site is not yet complete and the design for the blog is different than the rest of the site. So please have patience.

If you need to find an blog entry please use the archives page.

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Gecko usage is now at 40%

Each month I parse the access.log file, which is around 400MB, and generate the Gecko Statistics for I just updated the statistics and included some numbers from way back in 2002. Check it out.

The good news is that the Gecko usage is now at 40%. In June 2004 40% of all hits to was made by Gecko based browser. A Gecko based browser can be a Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape or some other browser that uses the Gecko engine.

This is not a big surprise since is a very Mozilla oriented site. According to my Webalizer statistics the IE6 usage is around 35% but slowly decreasing. IE5.5 and IE5 is around 2% each. Netscape 4.x is at almost 2%. That's scary. I can understand why the Netscape 4.x users did upgrade to Netscape 6 but now when you have both Netscape 7 and Mozilla you gotta upgrade. The web is much nicer experience with a modern Gecko based browser.

OS wise, Windows XP is still way ahead. It's at 54%, with Windows 2000 at 16% and Windows 98 at 8%. Linux is around 5%.

If you like to generate your own Gecko Statistics you can use my script. It's available free to download.

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4getmoz with branch support

I've added branch support to my 4getmoz script. 4getmoz are now able to download 0.9 branch versions of Mozilla Firefox and 0.8 branch version of Mozilla Thunderbird.

4getmoz is a Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird download script for 4NT users. 4NT is a command prompt replacement for Windows.

I use 4getmoz every morning to get the latest nightly builds of Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. I just open a 4NT Command Prompt and type 4getmoz all branch

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New Blogupdates

I've just launched a new version of Blogupdates.
Blogupdates lists Mozilla related blog entries sorted by date. So instead of having to visit all of the Mozilla related blogs you just come to this page and you can see which blogs has been updated.

The new version features amonst other a much better listing of the Mozilla related blogs.

Other improvements are:
- Instead of listing the blogs sorted by date, it's now sorted by the blog entries date. So all of the entries from the blogs are collected and then sorted by date. This makes the listing more "correct".
- Unicode support. Both Daniel Glazman blog and others feeds are now shown correct.
- Planet like listing.
- Image support. If you have an image in your feed the image is now shown. Check my RSS feed on how-to.
- Open/Close all entries. If you dont like the entries to be inline you can turn it off.
- Blog entries older than 1 week are not shown. This makes the list smaller.
- Smaller codebase. It makes it easier for me to maintain.

So why read Blogupdates and not
- Mozilla only related blogs listed. have all kind of non Mozilla related blogs included.
- News notification. You can see which entries are new since you last visited.

Technical stuff:
Blogupdates is coded in Perl. It uses some Perl Archive Network">CPAN modules fx XML::RSS, Unicode::String, HTML::Template, Date::Manip. It runs and rebuilds the page every 30 minutes.

July 02, 2004 04:04 PM | Permalink | 12 Comments | 0 TrackBacks is gone

I never like using I always used So now I've added an Apache rewrite rule to my site so that www is removed from the location. Fx if you go to you will land at

In danish: Du kan læse mere om kampen mod www forvirringen på

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Mexico, Guatemala, Belize pictures

MexicoFinally! Like some of you perhaps knows we spend 1 month (December 2003, January 2004, February 2004) backpacking around in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.
And now we finally managed to put the pictures online!

They are divided into 3 subsections:
Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.


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W32/Mydoom@MM hit

Lots of SPAMMy domain has been seriously hit by the W32/Mydoom@MM worm. I was not infected but just hit by massive amout of mails.

I've got more than 550.000 mails in 7 days! In the end my machine died. Now I changed the MX record to a larger setup and it should not happen again.

There's nothing really you can do about these sort of attacks. They function much like a DoS (Denial of Service) attack. The infected machines starts sending large numbers of mails to mailaccounts. Most of these mailaccounts dont exists but the mailserver still has to recieve the mail and reject it. And in the end the machine gets overloaded.

Mozilla Mail really helped me since it could detect 99.9% of the mails that got through my server side anti spam filter and move it to my spam folder. But having more than 100.000 mails in a folder can make your mail client really really slow. Outlook Express gave up and Mozilla was so so slow loading my spam folder with around 100.000 mails in it.

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Spam mails in August

Spam mails
Just a little statistics about the amount of spam mails being detected at The graph shows how many mails was identified as spam by SpamAssassin.

I'm using SpamAssassin on my domain and it's really good. SpamAssassin is a server side mail filter to identify spam.

The increase in spam mails must be due to Blaster.

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Upgraded girlfriend to wife

WeddingI'm back! Back from wedding. Back from a short honeymoon in the southern of Denmark. Had the most amazing week. Wedding went great. Party went great.

I'm back at work trying to scan through a huge amount of mails. Most of them virus warnings since someone used an email addresse of mine as the sender of some spam/virus mails. Damn annoying!

More updates later! I'm still trying to catch up with all the Mozilla news.

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Site Statistics

StatisticsHere are some statistics for

Jul 2003125441630.735
Jun 200371.851338.980
May 200365.198390.749
Apr 200348.600139.420
Mar 200352.477304.729
Feb 200345.310295.776

Something happend in the start of July. Not really sure. Is the statistics impressive? I have no idea. What does a normal "personal" site generate? I'm using webalizer and are doing some heavy filtering to discard some of my own bots etc.

Output from webalizer: 2735892 records (2735877 ignored)

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Site based on mine

The website for GSI-Enabled OpenSSH just launched today. And with a site layout that is based on my layout. But with my permission of course.

And of course it validates.

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Acronym tag support

If you're using a browser that supports the <acronym> tag, my site now features acronym support. Try to hold your mouse cursor over this text.

Currently I use a text file with all the acronyms in it. Then when all my files are parsed I substitute the acronyms. Yes... I parse all my files. This is due to I'm having one global template which I use on all of my files.

PS: Acronym support aren't in my blog yet. Perhaps I should work on a plugin for Movable Type.

Read more about the acronym tag here:
- The Acronym Tag
- W3C

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IE5.5 support

Some people had problems viewing my site using Internet Explorer 5.5. The reason for this is that IE5.5 wrongly loads my print stylesheet.

I have the following:
<style type="text/css" media="print">@import "css/print.css";</style>
which specifies that if the user prints one of my pages it should load my print stylesheet. The print stylesheet hides some of the stuff that is unimportant when printing my pages, like the navigation etc.

But IE5.5 just ignores this and loads it all the times. This way the navigation is lost when using IE5.5.

I've now fixed this by using some advanced CSS rules that only modern web browsers like Mozilla and other Gecko based browsers understands.

MozillaStupid stupid IE. Why dont you get a modern browser with popup removal and no security problems? Why dont you get Mozilla!

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Pictures and Portal

Hot air ballonJust returned from a 4 days vacation in Karrebæksminde Feriecenter. Really nice! So check out the pictures.

All the hot air ballons are all part of the 23th danish championship.

The danish portal Jubii got a new layout. It's the first design change they had since the start of 2000. Well... they managed to mix content and ads so that it's impossible to tell the difference. But that must be some kind of design parameter for all big portals.

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Netscape 4.x support

Just for the fun of it I've tried to make it so that Netscape 4.x users can also see my site. It's not 100% usable but if you use an old Netscape 4.x browser you can now see and browse the entire site using the old old old browser. Netscape 4 has a long time ago been replaced by Netscape 7.

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Title attributes

Most of my links now features title attributes. Hold your mouse over a link and you can see the title of the linked page. This is done via a PERL script that parses all my files before I copy them from my development site to my production site.

The perl script extracts all links using the HTML::TokeParser module. It then fetched the links with the LWP::UserAgent module.

The links on the blog pages are currently not title parsed. But try this page.

The site also features a cool image link on all external links. External links means links that are not refering to This is done entirely via CSS. You can check out the file and the search for link.gif to see how it's done! CSS rocks!

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Auto printable pages

Print Preview of
If you use a modern CSS-capable web browser, like Mozilla the pages of are now automaticlly printer-friendly.

This is done through the use of a print-media stylesheet! Just print the page or use Print Preview in your web browser to get the print styles on paper.

On the screenshot to the right you can see the print preview of the site. Notice that the site menu which normally appear at the right is gone. Click on the screenshot to get a larger version of it.

Technical stuff
The print stuff is done via the use of the following tag:

<style type="text/css" media="print">@import "css/print.css";</style>

This mean that when a user prints the page the stylesheet is loaded. This stylesheet override some of the stuff that I dont want to be printed like the menu to the right.

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Sidebar available

A sidebar with the latest postings to is now available to all Gecko based browsers which has sidebar support, such as Mozilla and Netscape 6/7. Konqueror also has support for sidebars.

You can see your current sidebars via the View -> Show/Hide -> Sidebar or just hit F9.

Make sure that sidebars are active (via View -> Show/Hide -> Sidebar or press F9 before adding the sidebar.

Gecko based browsers
Click the button and add the sidebar:
Add to the sidebar

Opera users
Add sidebar to Opera

Internet Explorer users
Get a real browser like Mozilla.

Read more about sidebars:
- at
- at

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I almost got slashdotted. Here are some statistics for

Apr 2003
48.600 visits - 139.420 hits

Mar 2003 totals
52.477 visits - 304.729 hits

Feb 2003 totals
45.310 visits - 295.776 hits

Statistics generated by Webalizer.

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If you have any feedback about this blog, layout, etc you're more than welcome to send me some feedback

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Referers are fun...

In February 2003 my site got around 45.000 visits (300.000+ hits). 61 of these came from a search engine where they searched for hairy chest. 23 came from after searching for sexywoman but only 7 after searching for 8 wonders of the world. I detected around 3.000 referers from

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New design

Finally has gotten a brand new design. Hope you like it. I moved from my old table like layout to a XHTML layout. Bye bye tables. Well... almost. I still use tables in some places.

As a new feature I have also introduced a blog, which you're reading right now.

If you have any feedback you're always welcome to Contact me.

I've done a lot of house cleaning. This means that the following sections have been removed:
- Linux Kernels
- Background Color
- Search the web
- QuickLinks

This was done since I had no time to maintain these sections.

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