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Gervase Markham writes:
I took a task a few weeks ago to investigate the Sleepycat license to see if it was compatible with the MPL/LGPL and GPL in a way that would allow code released under it to be used by Mozilla. As far as I can see, I'm afraid it's not. The problematic section is the following: "Redistributions in any form must be accompanied by information on how to obtain complete source code for the DB software and any accompanying software that uses the DB software." If a distributor of Mozilla, e.g. (for simplicity) Netscape, is using code under this license, they would have to make available the source code for their entire product. This is far more than the MPL requires - the MPL is only a file-level copyleft. Therefore, I'm afraid, software under this license cannot be used in Mozilla. If this clause were modified, it might be possible - that would depend on the modification.

April 07, 2004 05:16 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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