What next for GNOME's user interface?

XUL is the user interface language used in the Mozilla project. There are other implementations, but Mozilla is the only realistic game in town. XUL was around doing what XAML does before XAML ever existed. So why the heck aren't we using it? Problems include:

- XUL has a steep learning curve. Docs have been slow to come, especially at the beginning.
- Dealing with Mozilla is painful. Very painful. Experience with embedding Mozilla in programs like Epiphany shows it to be a moving target, and it's difficult to get bugs fixed back in the core. Up until now the Mozilla project had very little resource devoted to embedding uses.
- Mozilla XUL is not native UI. This is the big stinker with cross platform UI. It just won't look as nice or interoperate as well as programs written in the native UI toolkit.

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April 07, 2004 01:05 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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