Gecko usage is now at 40%

Each month I parse the access.log file, which is around 400MB, and generate the Gecko Statistics for I just updated the statistics and included some numbers from way back in 2002. Check it out.

The good news is that the Gecko usage is now at 40%. In June 2004 40% of all hits to was made by Gecko based browser. A Gecko based browser can be a Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape or some other browser that uses the Gecko engine.

This is not a big surprise since is a very Mozilla oriented site. According to my Webalizer statistics the IE6 usage is around 35% but slowly decreasing. IE5.5 and IE5 is around 2% each. Netscape 4.x is at almost 2%. That's scary. I can understand why the Netscape 4.x users did upgrade to Netscape 6 but now when you have both Netscape 7 and Mozilla you gotta upgrade. The web is much nicer experience with a modern Gecko based browser.

OS wise, Windows XP is still way ahead. It's at 54%, with Windows 2000 at 16% and Windows 98 at 8%. Linux is around 5%.

If you like to generate your own Gecko Statistics you can use my script. It's available free to download.

July 28, 2004 08:32 AM | Posted in Site info


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I agree that the 2% share of NN4 users is scary - but nevertheless I can understand some of the users that stick to the old Netscape. First of all, newer versions tend to prescribe larger computers. The new versions of Netscape (6/7) are as far as I know quite a bit more demanding in regards of system requirements.

Another problem for users of old browsers is the size of the newer browser packages - I don't think many ADSL users still have NN4, but for people with modem connections, the looong download time of a new browser package may drastically decrease their desire to get an upgrade.

For (very) old computers, new versions of Netscape or Mozilla is not a good choice. They will be much better of using an older version of Opera - v. 5 runs on very small computers, and v. 6 is also quite slim.

Comment by Jens Gyldenkærne Clausen at July 28, 2004 12:58 PM | Permalink

Any idea what platform those NS4 users are on?

Comment by basic at July 28, 2004 01:36 PM | Permalink

It seems that the Netscape 4 users are:

That's just by briefly looking at the accesslog. If you know of a script that can process Netscape 4.x useragents let me know.

Site icon Comment by Henrik Gemal at July 28, 2004 02:36 PM | Permalink

As for netscape navigator 4.5 (which did not include mail or anything else - like firebird), it was fast on my old Macintosh. I also loved the simple interface in which the toolbar looked like links+icons. The only problem was that I kept clicking the security button and it would slowly open up a window. IE was too slow for me, but rendered all those IE specific page correctly and included Java. Stilled prefered netscape navigator 4.x though.

Comment by Omar Khan at August 4, 2004 05:00 AM | Permalink

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