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Many projects use bug trackers under which Bugzilla is a famous choice. Once invented to help the Mozilla team out of its maintenance nightmare it made its way into user support. Some projects do not even provide a user mailinglist anymore. Everything is to be written into the Bugzilla engine, even if it's not a bug but an idea, a comment or just a congratulation to the great product. However, Bugzilla wasn't made for that. It is not a support engine but a bug tracker. The user is forced to fill out complex forms with some unclear or just off topic questions only to receive an automated confirmation and wait. After some weeks, possibly, he receives another cryptic report only to find that somebody has changed the status of the bug message to "Not Replicable" or "Removed". No further word, no address of a person to discuss the case with. Is it completely wrong if one suspects that some projects push Bugzilla to front intentionally to hide behind undisturbed.

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September 22, 2004 11:11 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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