Firefox about to get IE on its knees

It looks like Firefox is unstoppable. In spite of the vulnerabilities discovered lately, the open-source browser continues to rise in the top of the user's preferences. According to W3schools, a site known amongst web developers, Firefox reached a market share of 25%, while Internet Explorer plummeted to 64.8%. If we take into consideration the entire browsing solutions suite, Mozilla Foundation now owns a market share of almost 30%. A study of the Secunia security company shows that regardless of all the security bugs recently discovered, the users haven't lost their faith in the "Internet's sly fox", but quite the opposite, the speed at which the open-source developers took care of these problems was highly appreciated. In November 2004, Internet Explorer had a market share of 95%, in January this year it had dropped to 84.1%, and now, according to the w3schools website, the "almighty" browser's share of the market reached 64.8%.
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Now that the web developers (the primary users of W3schools) are using Mozilla Firefox we still have a big task ahead of use in getting the normal users to use Mozilla Firefox. People who dont care about security or understands it. People who dont care about W3C standards but just wants web sites to work. People who are not among the 60 millon which the Firefox Counter is now at.

May 31, 2005 09:44 AM | Posted in Mozilla


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On the other hand, the developers are the ones coding tomorrow's web-apps, which are therefore more likely to be standards-compliant.

Good news, even if it doesn't mean that Firefox has already beaten IE. But at this rate, the main reasons given by corporations for continuing to use IE are going to be gone within the next 12 months...

Comment by Denis Robert at May 31, 2005 06:21 PM | Permalink

Let's not get complacent. Keep the pedal to the metal. We are on full blitzkrieg mode.

Comment by Against complacency at June 8, 2005 09:54 PM | Permalink

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