Mozilla Product Strategy Proposal

This post sets out a proposed product and platform strategy developed over the last few weeks by Mozilla project staff and drivers that aims to enable innovative web experiences for consumers, accelerate the time-to-market for user-facing innovation, and improve the security and stability of our products.
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November 04, 2005 10:55 AM | Posted in Mozilla


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It is good to see this new product strategy, but Firefox needs a new marketing strategy as well. We must make Firefox attractive to big organisations, which are still mostly MSIE. I am talking especially about all the companies and government agencies that still use Windows 2000. Microsoft will not support MSIE7 on Windows 2000, leaving all these customers behind. According to, there are still 10% Windows 2000 users, and many are big organisations. These could all be Firefox users.

Firefox needs an MSI installer for centralized rollout, killer features for web applications that make company webmasters support it, a marketing strategy that is not just aimed at geeks and private users, and support from big names (IBM rolled out Firefox; how about a page showing prestigious companies that use Mozilla products?). If Firefox gets into companies, the employees will see it and perhaps use it at home. The customers will see it, the press will see it, and so on.

The support Firefox gets from Google, Yahoo! and Earthlink in the form of toolbars helps a lot; it shows Firefox is a serious product.

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