Extensions I use - part 5

Yet again it's time for an updated list of the extensions I use for Mozilla Firefox. I did some cleanup of the installed extensions so I only have those extensions installed that I actually use. This also helps on performance.

All of the extensions (except one) listed below works in nightly trunk builds of Mozilla Firefox. The only extension that I needed to do some code change to, is the del.icio.us bookmarks extension. Since the landing of the Places code the extension stopped working. So I had to do some minor code change so that it worked.

My Firefox extensions
  • AutoAuth Automatically submits saved HTTP authentication credentials.
  • Autofill Forms Fill out web forms automatically
  • ChromaTabs Colors browser tabs based on contents.
  • Closy Provides you different Close tabs functionality fx Close all blank tabs and Close all duplicate tabs
  • Console² The next generation error console.
  • Copy URL + Copies to clipboard the document's URL along with the title or the selected text.
  • Dansk ordbog - Danish Dictionary
  • del.icio.us Bookmarks Access your bookmarks wherever you go and keep them organized no matter how many you have.
  • DOM Inspector Inspects the structure and properties of a window and its contents.
  • Fullerscreen Really full screen...
  • FxIF View EXIF data in image properties
  • InfoLister Lists installed extensions and themes
  • InspectThis Inspect the current element with the DOM Inspector.
  • JSView View the source code of external stylesheets and javascripts.
  • LastTab Allows tab navigation in a most recently used manner.
  • Launchy Open links and mailto's with external applications like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Outlook etc
  • Link Widgets A site-navigation tool
  • Linkification Converts text links into genuine, clickable links.
  • Linky Open/download/validate links and pictures in tabs or windows
  • Live HTTP Headers View HTTP headers of a page and while browsing.
  • MR Tech Local Install Local Install power tools for all users. (en-US)
  • Nightly Tester Tools Useful tools for the nightly tester.
  • Print Hint Helps you to quickly find printer-friendly versions of webpages
  • ProxyButton ProxyButton creates a toolbar button to quickly turn proxy on and off.
  • Reliby Reload all your Live Bookmarks
  • Resizable Form Fields Resize HTML form fields, including textareas, select boxes, text fields, and iframes.
  • Slashy Fixes Windows backslash file separators in links and images
  • Talkback Sends information about program crashes to Mozilla.
  • TDC CMS Extension for TDC CMS (Company Internal extension)
  • Update Notifier Notifies you when updates are available for your extensions and themes.
  • Validaty One Click Validator. Provides you a button to validate a page using a validator like validator.w3.org
  • View Dependencies Adds a tab listing dependencies and their sizes in the Page Info window.
  • Web Developer Adds a menu and a toolbar with various web developer tools.
  • wmlbrowser Display WML (Wireless Markup Language) content.

Some of the new extensions are AutoAuth which removes HTTP auth dialog boxes. I've also found a super replacement for AutoFill which was an extension I used for filling out forms. The new one is called Autofill Forms and it's really really nice. New is also Resizable Form Fields which helps you on pages where input boxes are way to small.

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