da vinci and gemal.dk

My boss at work called me into his office the other day and said that my site was listed on the official Firefox 3 download site. Not sure what he meant he showed me.

If you go to the official European download site for the Danish Firefox 3 there are shown some screenshots of Firefox 3 in action.

One of them are showing the new super cool location bar search feature. The user types "da vinci" and results from the history are shown. And on the screenshot my site gemal.dk is shown at the top on a search for "da vinci". Super!

I once wrote an article regarding the Da Vinci Code or Da Vinci Mysteriet in danish and it's that article that shows up.

The image can been see here:
Dansk Firefox 3 med gemal.dk some da vinci search

August 12, 2008 12:57 PM | Posted in Mozilla


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