This is a small collection of the many e-mails that I recieved commenting on my IndiaTrip web pages.

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  • I just spent the last 20 minutes reading though your site and I really enjoyed it. I spent two months last year travelling though this amazing country, so I could relate to alot of the stories you told.
  • Nice to know your experience in India. As you have experienced, India is mix of everything. old and new. Advanced and ageold. software and bullock carts.
  • Just to say that I enjoyed reading through your account of your stay in India. The pictures were interesting and well taken.
  • You really put in some nice pics & experience. I hope I can do the same.
  • You remind me of a school adminisrator from Canada who took his wife along for his 6 month posting to Greece and Italy. When she came back to home her only comment was that she had a difficult time finding a McDonalds restaurant during her visit.
  • Henrik... I enjoyed your virtual trip thru India. Having spent some years in the Philippines and traveling through the islands and mountains I can appreciate the extensiveness of your trip. Excellent and well documented photos.
  • Thank you for taking the time to put your trip memories & photos on this website! I came looking for clipart and stayed to travel ... what a treat since I most likely will never get to see that part of the world ... its a long way from Lake Dallas Texas USA!! Thanks again & God bless you real good ... I hope your work/education is going well!!
  • Good job. Very interesting.
  • Yes, it is me again....Interesting to note, I am originally of Indian descent (both of my parents are emigrants to the USA) and I was in India visiting in Dec 95....I loved the panorama you created and published on the web, and I also appreciated how you stayed with the positive notes in spite of the misfortunes you might have suffered in the country. Thank you for being cosmopolitan in your ideas and viewpoints. And, thank you for so graciously portraying my country as one just as any other, with minor differences but many similarities.
  • I enjoyed going through your very nice site especially your pages on India. Even though they are very nice to look at, you seem to have made little contact with local people and local life (moving about with people from Siemens and dating Finnish girls...) but don't worry, it will come. May be next time you should live in Dharavi and not in Malabar hill.
  • Was very interested in your India trip and the pics. I am a Bombayite (from before it was called Mumbai). I've been living in the U.S. for 10 years now, and am married to an american (hence the last name). I haven't been back to India for over five years, and let me tell you, going back over 5 years ago was a total shock! I thought that Bombay had changed completely from 1987 (when I left India) - couldn'y recognize it! Reading your trip experience makes me realize that it's even more different now. Anyway, got a little nostalgic - so thought I'd drop you a line. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. Pretty decent website!
  • I liked your pictures of India, I thought it was interesting. I have never been there and I don't know if I want to go now. I live in Detroit, MI and I have been to half of the states, but never outside the country. I don't think India will be on my list of most wanted places to go however. Excellent photography, I hope you do well in your future endeavors.
  • Ok, om 7 uger drager min kæreste og jeg afsted mod Nepal - op for at slide vores fodsåler tynde i Annapurna. Fedt at se, hvad der venter os.
  • Have to send you another email. Your pictures of trekking Nepal brought back great memmories. Wasn't it incredibly beautiful. We trekked 8 days in the same area. Some of the most beautiful scenery plus the exotic flavor or the locals. Wonderful.
  • That was a fun trip to India. Brought back many memmories, not all of them good.
  • My Indian movies were on the longest bus ride of my life. Ever have a bus driver who didn't know the way? From Jaipur to Udapur, he got lost onto more and more narrow roads, until we were stuck. In attempting to back up and get turned around - oh my God, the front end of the bus crashed through a giant sewage conduit. After hours and hours to free the bus, the back end fell into another one. By three a.m. we were on our way again. Of course, they had to finish the movies!! And we were under the speakers!! I can hear the love sick screeching still. We all have our India stories. Liked your page. Thanks
  • Your tour through India was wonderful. I am an American, who happens to speak French and German. As I was reading your English I was thinking whether or not my German would have matched your English. I think not, because of all the endless rules and punctuation. I worked for McGraw Hill in Frankfurt Am Main in 1960, and then was offered a job as Import/Export Manager of a small company. Travelled worldwide for several years until my children started speaking English with German accent. My memory of India (Bombay) is one of extreme poverty, and worse muck than you showed in your pictures. Many dead people in the streets, and not something I would ever want to return to. For some reason now, I have little patience with the poverty and depravation of the world; filth and dirt beyond comprehension. Anyway,where are you living these days?
  • Read about your India trip and was impressed.
  • The india trip caught my eyes... Nice work... Its nice to hear about Inda from non-Indians.. It gives you the real picture.. BTW I am an Indian... A software pro from Bangalore... down south.. right now I am across the border at Gothemburg, Sweden for a 3 months assignment at a Swedish company called prosolvia ... Nice work on India .... Now let me go and see what images you got....
  • I love your scrap-book. Reminded me of my younger days (not that I'm very old..28 to be exact!)globing around the world meeting new friends and discovering new things. Keep up the good work.
  • I enjoyed it quite a lot. Originally from New York City, I worked in France for two years, and was interested in your observations on work in India, a place I would like to travel. (I adore the food.) The pictures were great. You might want to invest in an English dictionary. Your spelling, while usually intelligible, was amusing.
  • Congratulations to your india-pages!!! It was nice to read your informations and watch your pics. I was two times in india for short holidays and feel with you... I want to link your pages in my homepage, where I describe my holiday in a small way. Two things to say: On your page Travelling there are 2 times the word the in the first paragraph. When you write about the "nazi symbol" (Hakenkreuz) you write "germans". That is not nice to read for me as an german. We are not nazis anymore. Maybe you can change this two points?
  • Hey, I guess I said that your sight sucks. You have plenty of wrong info, esp. regarding the swastika, its not a muslim symbol, its a Hindu symbol. Some people never get it right no matter how many times you say so.
  • Reading through your trip to India, and found it very interesting, just wanted you to know. Hope your future travels are enjoyable and make lots of money.
  • Just wanted to say WHAT COOL site you have. I left India when I was 13 years old and haven't been back since (I'm 27). It was very refreshing to see these pictures of places you have been and seen.
  • My first trip to India was in January of this year. It was tons of fun to read about your experiences. Thanks for sharing! Your impressions were strikingly similar to my own, and brought a smile to my face, as I remembered the craziness of it all. Anyway, I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed it!
  • My name is amar. I am an Indian student currently pursuing my masters in computer science at the University of Arizona. In all the documentations I have seen of foreigners travels to India. I haven't seen anything which portrays the country better than this. You have bought out India beautifully(as it is ) without ridiculing it, which is a popular trend(believe me). Your descripition fits to the "T". Just wanted to say THANKS!!! :) Umm!! what else, I have recently started to fool around with web stuff. Though my M.S program does not leave enough time to really pursue it, I have started to fool around. I think your site is extremely cool. Maybe I will get some tips in the future. And anyway hope you have a better christmas this time :))
  • Much coolness happening here... enjoyed the stories of your trips and the pictures! I have not traveled much in my life, but wish to in the future...Experiencing your site is pushing me to bring my dreams into my reality.... Keep doing what you're doing,,,it's wonderful.
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