Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu view When you arrive in Kathmandu in Nepal the first thing you notice is that you can buy everything. As the Lonely Planet Guide states it's like getting to Disneyland.

This is the first view that meets you when you wake up the morning after the 20 beers. The wonderful view over Kathmandu.

Color Festival

One of my first days in Kathmandu, a color festival was on. This means that you get bombarded with red colorn bombs from the rooftops of all the houses. And I mean all of the rooftops.

Bad boys

Well.. Peter and I was hanging out with Mette and Michael that day. The situation was something like this: Mette and Michael were on a all Asian tour so they only had the clothes they are walking in, and couldn't really afford losing any of it. So when these 5 young boys started throwing black ink on your clothes we got a bit upset.

On the picture you can see the police arriving!


In both India and Nepal, people are normally cremated but it all depends on their religion. In India you can't see the actually cremation, but you can in Nepal. In the start it's very strange to see and smell a person being burned. But when you think about it, it's pretty natural. And yes, it is his feet you can see at the picture to the left.

Ganja Man

Ganjha man The man on the left picture is one how has given up his normal life and is now devoting his life to some god. To me he just looks like he was just smoking a lot of ganja and looking stoned!

Stairways to Heaven

Stairways to heaven, or was it to hell. The very long staircase leads to the monkey temple just outside Kathmandu.

Tuborg Heaven

Tuborg Gold Label Tuborg has it's own brewery in Nepal. That's very good, but the best thing is that 1 liter of pure Tuborg Gold cost around 5 Danish crones! When you come from India, the country without any good beer, and haven't had a Tuborg in a very long, long time, you have one mission in life: Get drunk every night.

Stubba and Buddha eyes

Buddha eyes A big stubba Two famous things in Nepal is off course the stubba and the magic eyes of Buddha.

Kathmandu Lunch

The Kathmandu explorer team at lunch. Mette, Michael and Peter. I'm behind the camera. The sunglasses are both for protection of the sun and more important: to hide any evidence about hangovers.

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