Trekking in Nepal

Resting before the Trekking

Pokhara We decided to do our trekking around the Annapurna area. Since we didn't have the time to do the real trek around the entire Annapurna Circuit we only did the small trek.

To recover from our rafting trip and preparing for the trekking we took to Pokhara, where we spend a few days resting. The town has a lot of nice small restaurants facing the sea. With the mountains in the background this is a astonishing view.

Poon Hill

Poon Hill Here am I on the top of Poon Hill an very early morning. It's about 4 o'clock in the morning and damn cold. That's why I'm wearing my sleeping bag.

The walk up to Poon Hill took around a hour and then you have the most beautiful view of the mountains. Because of the fresh morning air there are usually no clouds around the top of the world and the same was true this morning.

Poon Hill is about 3.500 meters high

Poon Hill mountain

Here we are on the top of Poon Hill mountain dressed in our sleeping bags.

Bad eyesight

My BIG eye! This picture is the one that I'm the least proud of. Not the picture itself but the story behind it. And there wasn't even alcohol involved.

On our way back from Nepal to India we took a night bus. Around two o'clock we stopped to get something to drink and eat. I crossed the road to take a pie. Bad choice! Somebody had dug a 3 meters deep hole. So I just dropped down in this hole hurting my leg really bad and slamming my head into a tree. Luckily I didn't knock myself unconscious but only got a bad bruise near my left eye.

Hotel Manager

The Intercontinential I don't know if you can see it. But just over the door it says Hotel. Well.. this must be the smallest hotel in Nepal, probably also the one with the best air-condition. Peter is checking out the rooms, but we decided to try another hotel for the night! I know... we are kind of piggy.

Small kiddo

Nothing much to say other than I just caught this little guy standing on the table at a small house in the middle of nowhere.

This is my bridge, dude!

One of the more secure bridges we crossed. Many were just a piece of wood.

As you can see I'm wearing the real trekker equipment:

The Real Guys Us
Big solid boots
Warm clothes
Comfortable backpack
Warm and dry sleeping bag
Jogging shoes
T-Shirt and shorts
Small sportsbag
The sleeping back was hanging on my bud!


This school is located in around 3.000 meter. So calling it a high school is very appropriate.

Trek Team Denmark

While Peter and I were trekking we meat the Danish couple Henning and Loise. Here we are at the very end of the trek around Anna Purna. Don't zoom in on our hair. We hadn't washed it for a week.

Nepal Stickers

Nepal Stickers Trekking is great It's as easy as that. Waking up in the morning and seeing to top of the world just outside your door is a experience nobody should be without.

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